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Project Description allows user to socially interact about Movies and TV Shows they are watching or have watched and own. for Windows Phone brings those features to the Windows Phone!

For more information about itself please visit their website here
I'm making it open source so the app can grow and become better! Also a lot of the Web API features are not yet implemented!

There is one catch / problem, the app is published under my name DepSoft on the marketplace, so people contribute and we want to push a new version, currently I'll be the only one able to do so...

Any help/ideas just contact me through CodePlex!

Work needed

Currently the app still needs some rework!
Please look at the MainViewModel.cs there are TODO's presented

Coding input/review needed

Please all input on coding are welcome, there is use of RX, but I'm no expert so maybe things can be made better


Look at the wiki for an overview of the used frameworks

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